Monday, May 29, 2023
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Chrysler 440 Engine Parts

440 / 460 Engine Parts

Original Chrysler 460 Manifolds #4417031 are available.
Quantity Available 2
Price $2,300 per pair (sold in pairs only)

Also Available

Also Available
3619582Manifold Intakes1851-665Valley Pan Supports
6130SCarter Carburetor (recond)3751217Housing, Raw Water
4142591Alt. Bracket Adj. Kit3619663Manifold End Plate
 Oil Pump Pipe AdapterMDT7022Starter CCW Rotation
MDT7021Starter CW Rotation3625632Distributor
2135640Pulley Spacer4142049Carburetor Throttle Bracket
3527760Seawater Pump Bracket Crankshaft Pulley Assembly
2658457Vibration Damper G7B Pump
 Lifting Plates - Pair Front Mount Kits
 Exhaust Manifold Studs, S.S.  R.H. Crankshaft
 Crankshaft Pulley Assembly Plug Wire Keepers
2875874Points Type Distributor  Wiring Board with Coil
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